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Grimm Season 4 Episode 17 Hibernaculum

During the driving, his car is broke and stop. He walking until get a house, he is very cold and wants to get inside. But woman inside tell him she will cal tow truck for him, he is angry and storm door and bite her dead.

Nick and Hank go to see her body at house, they found her body is freezing. They question her daughter about what happen, then they notice that he steal her car.

At night, police spot him near the highway. Nick and Hank go to stop him, the police blocked the road. Once he see he turn his car but he head back to Nick.

They block his car, he left car and head to wood. They following him, he stop and hide he start to shaking and turn to wesen. Then he meet Nick and found he is Grimm, they arrest him.

Then they found that he is dead because freeze. They found his car, they go to check. Then they found that he might come with 2 more.

Jalmer is walking alone in road, one of woman pick him up. He start to attack her, but she run out on time.

Juliette following Adalind and try to kill her with her power, but she miss. Nick and Hank go to see Rosalee and Monroe and talks about wesen. They think 3 of them might goes to their hideout.

Then Juliette comes and show them that she is hexebiest. She blame all of them about her, she left. They all sad.

They found another frozen body, Nick and Hank go to see him. They think they might have relative here. The last one get cab and bite him, Nick and Hank found his body. They found also that they have property register here.

They think they found their hideout, they break inside. They found the trap door, they found pile of them sleeping.

They found the third one in the pile, they try carefully to remove him. But they wake up and try to get them, they following them to barn. Some of them break in, Nick and Hank knock them down.

The other break the door and get in, then suddenly they start to stop and freezing. They put back them in house.