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Helix Season 2 Episode 6 M. Domestica

The Ilaria board has meeting with out Julia, they plan to release out break on world to reduce human population. Julia against it but they vote goes on.

Michel tell the dead of Ann’s mother to her, he lies to her that she fell. Jordan found Alan is cuff, Kyle tells her that he is on investigate of Alan.

Kyle found apple pollen in the yellow substance, they wonder that they all eat apple why they are not sick.

Amy thinks that Michel is lie, she tells her about Jordan. She tells her that she will be 20th soon, she wants her to continue their line to be Micheal’s lover. And give her grand daughter like her mother did.

Michel goes to ask Peter about Ilaria, he won’t accept then he try to put the rat in his cell. He said that they are hungry.

Amy trick Landry to help her escape from Michel by use the infected honey, he mix it in the blackberry. It will use during the Michel speech, during Anne’s mother funeral.

Kyle found that there are chaos, people attach each other. Kyle asks Anne how it happen, they have to quarantine them by force.

Kyle tells them the new infected, he has no choice by get Alan to help. Now they try to use sedative on them to make them calm.

Amy try to trick Olivier the missing boy mother to get rid the CDC. After they calm down them, Alan is checking what cause them. Anne tells him about black berry, he tells them they should start from it.

Olivia gather people with weapon, they plan to attack them. At lab, Jordan found the berry is contaminated by the fungus same as the missing child.

Peter tells Michel about Jordan’s baby, he is surprise when he knows about her baby. Now he wants to see her.

Landry tells it to Amy, she also wants to get Jordan. He doesn’t want to, she tell him to choose Michel or her.

Landry plant the honey to Anne’s coat, Michel tell him to search her coat. They lock her up.

Olivia and her people show up and takes all infected, Alan tells Kyle to protect Jordan. Alan is attacked by Landry by give him the illusion like the children.

Alan attack Jordan.