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Grimm Season 4 Episode 16 Heartbreaker

Few bikers ride along in wood, Bella ride out the wood along and fell. Zack is worry about her and following her, she start to hurt. She tell him to stay away from her, he touch her. She changed to wesen, then he start to can’t breath. She left while he fell down dead.

Nick tell Hank about Juliette about hexenbiest, Nick get called about body of zack. Nick and Hank go to see his body, then they go to check his room. They found Bella’s picture in his room, they will check her.

They found her and Zack are on the same bike group, they go to ask them. They found that Zack in love with her, but Bella no body knows anything about her.

They found her in bike shop, they go to ask her about Zack. But she refuse, she try hard not to woge.

At Rosalee’s shop after they explain this wesen to them they think that to make her woge they have to think sexual to them. They said it’s not her fault but they can find way to neutralize her.

Victor is called up, Kenneth is show up. He shows up to take care to find the baby, while Adalind tell him that her child is belong to Victor.

At night Rick goes to see Bella, he turn to wesen and try to attack her. She hit him and run off.¬†He force her and kiss, she turn to wesen. He’s dead, she call 911 about him.

Nick and Hank go to see the owner, he tell them her address. They go to see her room, but they found noone. They found her mother is rape and her attacker is dead.

Her mother found Bella hiding in her storage, she get back house to get something. But her mother show up, she wants to damage her face.

Nick and Hank show up at their house, they found her mother unconscious, Nick found them and stop her to damage Bella’s face.

They take her to Rosalee’s shop, they let her decided to use the dose or not.

At night Sean is tricked by Kenneth, they have fight. Sean found that he is bleeding when he turn to wesen, he is beat down by him.