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Helix Season 2 Episode 5 Oubliette

Kyle is actually spy from government to get Alan, he found Jordan stabbed. He carry her to the doctor in cult, Peter tells him that they need to do their job.

Celeb following Julia and found her, he bring her out. Peter tell Micheal about Alan, he blames him that he is the one who spread the honey and he cause the problem.

At night Alan wake up because the sound, he is abducted and lock in Oubliette. Micheal tells him to talks with a man with him, he is Peter he also locked up. They start to hit each other.

Michel ask Ann and Amy about honey, how the bee get infected. He is upset and tell them to fixed it.

Kyle goes to get sample from the bee, but he found they are gone. He found a woman unconscious, while he is closed to her. She start to attack him, he dodge but the other coming to him.

He knocks down few of them, the last one throw him to the bee hive. But he get the bee sting instead, he is barely survive from this happen.

Ann’s mother found that Jordan is immortality. She said it’s not possible, when she see her silver eye.

Alan finally get out the prison, he try to asks Peter about ilaria. But he still refuses, Alan left him in prison.

Kyle meets Alan, he try to get proved from Alan. When he started to ask him about Paris, Alan asks him who is him. He attack him but Kyle manage to cuff him.

Anne’s mother is with Michel, she tells him about Jordan. She asks him to make her like him, he killed her.