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Grimm Season 4 Episode 15 Double Date

A man at bar just meet a woman, she flirt with him. After that they back her house, while she in bathroom a man barge in with gun. He asks he how long he see his wife, he is panic and tell him they do nothing. He left, after that woman also left.

That man grab her and ask about his money and phone, she turn to wesen and put her acid on his face. Next day Hank and Nick found his body.

They found his missing phone at condo near where he found, the manager tell them that they rent it for a woman.

They found that condo is rent by Linus, they thinks many be he and woman try to con victim but failed so killed him.

At hotel some where Linus argue with woman that she needs to get the other one and this time don’t screw up.

Sean goes to see help from Monroe and Adalind, he wants to see the book his mother has. He has some effect after he come back alive, they said the open book he needs hexenbiest blood.

Hank and Nick found what kind of wesen that attack victim, then they found that woman also books for apartment nearby. They found the bar they might be. They go to see Monroe and Rosalee.

They tell them they want Monroe to go the bar as bait, at bar Stacy shows up near Monroe. She start to play him, then she brings him back her home.

She get him in and goes to bathroom, then again Linus barges in with the gun asks about his wife. Monroe try to tell them to come to help.

Nick and them comes in, Nick following Linus while Hank lock stacy. On the way Linus woge to wesen and turn to stacy. Nick miss him, he back to see stacy. But they tell him she is not there, then he thinks they are one.

At Rosalee’s shop Nick said they wants to capture him as Linus, Rosalee said that they should some male hormone into him to keep him stay.

At night stacy pick some guy from bar, Nick and Hank found her car near by. They take Wu to trick they guy from her, she feels something she try to run away. Hank and Nick found her, she turn to wesen and coming to them. Nick put him the hormone, then he changed back to Linus. They arrest him, he confess everything then he try to turn to wesen but he couldn’t.