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Helix Season 2 Episode 4 Densho

One of followers Travis while harvest, he get sting. He becomes sick, his girlfriend Misha comes to see him. He killed her by rip her apart.

Peter ask someone on the phone that what he should do about Alan, they tell him to check what’s Alan found.

Next day they found body of Travis, he is dead because of disease. Now they are starting to worried and chaos, Michel try to make they calm.

In the meeting Michel tells them to accept Peter’s team help, Ann talks to Amy about the children. She knows the children accident is her, his mother tell them to corporate.

While autopsy Kyle found that Travis is infected by insects, they found Alan and Peter at lab. They tell him that they wants his help. After talks with him, Peter thinks he knows what they should do.

Alan left, he said his work is done here. He tell Peter about Julia he found at Paris. He suspect Peter, then he see he is on the phone with ilaria.

Kyle found the bee is eating the yellow substance, he get in to get the sample. They found the toxin in the honey.

30 years in future, Julia get chance and get out from Hiroshi, but he still after her. They fight each other, while he is distract by his imagine wife. Julia killed him, before he died he give her his sword densho.


While Jordan try to make the missing boy mother believe that he is missing, she thinks that she is the reason why he is missing. She stab her.