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Grimm Season 4 Episode 14 Bad Luck

Nick is freak out, he doesn’t understand how this happen. She tell him about Henrietta and Sean. He is so upset and leave.

At night Peter sneak out the house to the see his girlfriend, then they heard someone coming. He thought that his mother come after him, he tell her to leave. Then he see a man with hatchet, both of them are wesen. He is killed by the other, his mother heard his scream she rush to see him. She see him lost his foot.

While Nick is thinking about what happen to them, he get call from Hank tell him about Peter. They go there and found Peter dead because lost of blood.

They question his mother, Nick found she is wesen. At night a couple park their car at front of house in wood, they get inside and meet that man.

They throw him money, and he throw them back the rabbit foot. At night this couple put the foot under their bed while make love.

Nick tell Juliette that he wants to see Henrietta. He goes to see her at house, he tell her that he can use his blood. But she told him that he put his blood once in Adalind, and what Adalind did to him now he can’t use his blood anymore. She tell him to accept her, and warn him to be careful.

At station, they think as he is rabbit and he is cut his foot probably it’s related to lucky rabbit’s foot. They go to check in the book, they found also their hunter. They think it’s related to wesen fertilize.

Adlind shows up to see Sean, she try to convince him to be with her for their daughter. She told him once Victor get her he will not need her too.

Monrole and Rosalee tell them about wesen fertilize clinic, they must be their middle man. They really want to help him on this.

Nick and Hank then found that Peter’s family is running, while they are running they not know that their hunter is tracking them. When mother goes to get something, hunter abducted her.

Monroe and Rosalee go to redfield clinic, they try to trick doctor to get the answer. But seems he doesn’t know, then they talk about foot. He is angry and get them out. Then his nurse tell them that she can help, she call the hunter to confirm. He said he will meet them tonight.

Peter’s mother call police about her missing daughter, Nick and Hank go to see her. She realize that he is Grimm. They question her few questions, but she doesn’t know him before. But she knows he is hunter.

Monroe call Nick about meeting, he tell them to not let nurse go. Nick question her about hunter, but she doesn’t know where is he. Nick asks her about last couple, they go to see them.

Nick found Peter’s feet in their bedroom, they tell them where they met the guy. At cabin hunter prepare her for her foot, he tell her to woge but she wont’. Hunter then notice about some one coming.

He run off with her, Nick and Hank following them to wood. Hunter bait her on ground, Nick and Hank is ambush by hunter. But them beat him out, he run off and get ambush by her. While he going to hurt her, Hank shot him dead.

Adalind goes to see Henrietta, she tell her that she is going to have another baby. Then she realize that it’s from Nick.