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Grimm Season 4 Episode 13 Trial by Fire

A man get inside the store, he takes his cloth off and his hand start the fire. He make the electricity down, that man start to get fire and burn everything. But 2 employees are in store to make inventory they stuck inside.

Nick and Hank go to see the shop, and found 2 bodies. They found something fishy about this fire, they question to the owner. They all upset about it.

They think the probably they burn for insurance, but they checkout and found nothing make sense. Then he found out that one of bad guy Nick arrest, works on this case before.

They go to visit him, he tell him about fire case. He tell them that he is so close to him. He said he needs to get out here to help him find. They take him to station, he said he need to get his case files.

Nick and Wu this wesen in book, but it seems no way to stop him. The guy from bank goes to see the flame guy but he killed him with fire.

Nick and them found out that he might be ignite like matches, all they need is to block him from ignite. Hank think at Rosalee’s shop should help.

At Rosalee they figure out what to do to block his ignite, Nick get called from Wu that they get another fired. He goes to check.

Barson the frame guy, call the owner son about his hiring. But he doesn’t want to talks to him. At 2nd crime scene, Nick and them check the scene. Then one of them see Barson, but he left. They think the owner is next in list.

Barso call owner tell him that he has information about fire in his building. His son found that his father is at shop. He is going to see him, Barso show the owner how he start fire. But Nick and Hank found his son before he goes, they rush to the shop.

Nick get water gun from Rosalee, while one of them try to distract Barso. Nick will get owner out. Barso is so upset because he is tricked, he following them out side. While he is turning, they put him the potion. He can’t combustion, then he explode to piece.

Adalind show up at Juliette’s house, she try to get her. Then they turn to Hexenbiest and struggle, but Juliette is the way stronger than her. Adalind freak out and run off.

Nick come back and found house is trash, he is worry about her. She decided to tell him the truth.