Helix Season 2 Episode 2 Reunion

For past years, Alan goes after all ceo in ilaria asking for Julia and kill them. He found that she may here at St Germain.

Alan asks to  join harvest group from Micheal and he agreed. Jordan wakes up and spot him when he is in the harvest group. On the way she meet a man who may infected, she following him to the church.

Groups of people in hood come in, she found Alan. Michel is there, after he finish his speech. One of the boy walk in, he is very sick. He attack her mother, Alan grab him out while Jordan help his mother. They meet.

They are at Michel’s room, they want to quarantine the island. Michel tells them to help him to find the disease and get rid it.

30 years in future, Julia is digging Alan’s grave. She wants to see what he left for her, she found the remain but he is not Alan.

Jordan takes sample from child, while Peter and Kyle tracks down the man Issac Jordan saw in basement. Peter found him, that man is coming to attack him but Kyle shows up and stop him.

Jordan tell Peter that Alan is here, Peter tell her that they must has no contact to him. Michel tell Ann to cooperate with them so when they get what they wants they will leave.

One of the the boy found Issac, but he didn’t attack him, he suicide. Michel talks to Alan about new plant specie, Alan confess him that he talks many lives. He asks Alan to confront his past then cure himself.

Julia checks the remain for clues that Alan will lefts,

They found that boy is not infect any more, they wants to check how he is ok and the path of this boy and Issac. But while they interview his mother, seem Ann is the director.

Jordan is taking sample from the ground, she spots Alan. She try to talks to him, he warns her to get out ASAP. He signal her something before left.

Julie asks Caleb about symbol she found in remain, he tell her it’s the map. There is a place he doesn’t wants to go, Julia tell him she must go. He said he will drop her near river.

At night Jordan goes to see Alan at his room, she tells him about dead on ship. He still wants her and team left, she tells him that she still pregnant for 15 months. She tells him that she receive Julia spiral then she become immortal so her child.

He stills won’t tell her anything, one of Michel’s man Landry trick the boy to get out the wall. and lock him outside, the infected man comes to take him.