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Helix Season 2 Episode 1 San Jose

In the ship on the sea, a woman scream desperate when outside her room the outbreak is kill each other.

Peter and Jordan in protecting suit get in the boat, they are looking for survivor. Jordan found one Leila, they ask her about how it’s happening.

She tells them it happen after they back from island St. Germain, they thinks it’s not Narvick. They report it to captain, but she won’t go there to investigate more.

Peter convinces captain to investigate the island, she can just drop them near island but she won’t go to shore with them. They have to wait next patch for 2 weeks.

On island, Julia is knock down with someone. He carried her away to his place, he keeps asking her where is the way to San Jose.

Peter and team with Leila track down all the way they went. She takes them the where they had swim, while they wander in wood. Leila notices a man, she freak out and running. They are chasing her.

While chasing Jordan get injured from trap, Kyle help her to fix her. Peter found that Leila is fade out again, she tells them that she see some thing at tree near by.

They found a pile of skull, then they heard Leila scream. They found that she is missing, they are looking for her again but Jordan spot the house.

They found no one there, But at same place in future 30 years later Julie is taken the eye contact off by her kidnapper. He said he knows that she would come.

Present, Kyle found pool of blood in place. They found the body on ceiling, someone remove their eyes. They spot someone coming, they ask them to come out.

Peter comes out and meet Ann their leader, they think they are in danger and want them following her.

Julie found that man is Caleb, she asks him about new out break TMX-7. She thinks it’s original here, she also tell him that she is dying.

They takes them to the big mansion, surround with big wall. There is council, they go to talks to them. They found that they are cut out from the outside, they found that Micheal is the lead here.

Peter wants to talks to him, he shows up. Peter try to tell him that their supply might has problem, they want to test first. They ask him about Leila’s killer but he avoid them.

Julie asks Celeb about Alan, seems he knows him. He takes her to see him, he takes him to old big mansion. He shows her his grave.

30 years ago Alan is in this cult too, he send the food to Jordan’s room.