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Grimm Season 4 Episode 11 Death Do Us Part

At night ghost seeker go to old Donavan’s house for ghost story, they are making the video about it. They enter inside, they separate in house.

One of them see some activity in kitchen, it shows on their device. One of them is attack by wesen, he is burn to dead.

Juliette ask Sean to call his mother to reverse what happen, she beg him to help. At night she can’t sleep, then she has a bad dream that Nick cut her. Sean call her tell her that he might found someone who can help.

He meet her while she is upset to some guy, somehow she explode his car. She is confusing. He tell her about Heinretta.

Nick, Hank and Wu go to check Miller’s body at old Donavan’s house. They found him shock by lightning many times, they question his friends.

They found case the related to Donavan’s house, they question detectives who response on that case.

At night homeless man wander until Donavan’s house, he enter inside to savage something. Then he goes to sleep in bedroom, he wakes up and see a woman and man talking.

Wu show them memory card from victim’s camera. They see a wesen face, they think this is Theo Donavan’s wife affair. They go to see his wife, once she knows he is Grimm. She start to talk, she tell him this picture is Stetson and he is another wesen.

Nick found Juliette at trailer, she is looking for Hexenbiest. She left when they are looking for that wesen.

Lily goes to Donavan’s house, homeless man looking at her from behind. She notices someone inside house, she found ghost seekers people. She shout them out, then she is attacked by Stetson.

He drag her up, while another ghost seekers hide in closet record all thing. At trailer they found what kind of this wesen, Nick need some paste to prevent him from shock.

One of ghost seekers call Nick about her friend still trap inside with Lily, Nick tell her they will there ASAP.

Nick get the paste before get in, inside Stetson is dancing with Lily like she is his wife. Nick and them get inside, but ghost seekers make noise and alert Stetson.

He turn to wesen and try to shock him, Nick get inside and attack him. Stetson found he can’t shock Nick, they struggle. Lily get chance to shoot him dead.

At night, Juliette goes to see Henrietta.