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Haven Season 5 Episode 13 Chosen

Charlotte tells them that she is Mara’s mother, she said she needs to see Mara. She hope that she will undo her damage.

At the gull Duke just accidentally give away a trouble, she touch something it’s destroy. She freak out and run away.

Charlotte tell them that she create barn to teach Mara the lesson, she said if they bring Mara to her it will fix a lot of thing.

Duke sneak in to see Charlotte, she exam him and found a lot of hand print on him. Audrey found Mara shows up, she tells her that her mother wants to see her.

She tell her to get her a message, if her mother doesn’t open the door for her she will make Duke explode. She knock her down and left.

Audrey goes to see Charlotte, she relay the message. Duke heard about it, he left. But she will not open the door for her, then she has another solution.

Duke goes to ask Vince and Dave about place he can expel all trouble, they thinks it should be where it come from the void.

Audrey and Charlotte shows up at dock, while they are help people who in trouble. Audrey said there is another way to stop Mara, she said they need to return Audrey in Mara. She will be back to good, Nathan totally against it.

Duke call Mara tell her that he knows where is door to void, Audrey convinces Nathan to get Mara and let her save Haven.

Duke waiting Mara in his boat and chain up, he tell her that he wants to go to the void. So when he blow he doesn’t effect the other.

Nathan found that Duke is with Mara by plane boat, he asks Audrey to meet with him. Audrey and Charlotte found them, but then Mara shows up.

She knock down Audrey, Charlotte try to talks to her. Seem she is upset and angry because something wrong with her dad. She almost success to convince her.

Then the big storm coming, Nathan and Duke run out and see Charlotte hold Mara and Audrey together while combine them.

Then they found that Mara is merge to Audrey, Charlotte tell Duke that Mara already turn his off so he safe. Then they notice the big green mist over town, but Duke tell them that he can’t see anything.

They found his eye turn black, then he explode all his trouble goes out through his eye.