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Grimm Season 4 Episode 10 Tribunal

Wolfsagen is beating Monroe and start their purification process on him. Nick and Hank is getting Acker to question, Sean wants Wu to question him too but before that he wants to be sure he’s OK with woge.

Nick bring Bud to show to Wu, he is scare and surprise but he wants to see him woge again.

Monroe get chance and run off, he killed one of them. But he still get catch back to their trial.

Bud goes to see Rosalee and Juliette, but Acker tell wolfsangle about it some of them following him there.

Wu questions Acker, then he woge to him Wu punch him down. Nick and Hank get in to question him.

Juliette and her find out about Suzanne from Bud, they are looking about her. Bud is get out to see John he is knock out by wesen. He is taken to see Monroe, they want to ask him about Monroe.

Juliette and Rosalee go to see Suzanne, she said one of the list in police officer Acker. He is her brother, they tell Nick about it.

They question her, Sean show Acker that Nick will kill her unless he talks. At trial, they have conduct that he is guility. Acker finally tell them where are them, they heading there.

They shows up on time, they catch them but Riker escapes. Monroe and Rosalee following him and kill him.

Next day Sean arrest them and Acker as the violent cult. At night Hank and Nick send them to their honeymoon, while Juliette show Sean that she is hexenbiest.