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Haven Season 5 Episode 12 Chemistry

Duke just slept with Mara, he tells her that he will find aether. She said it’s a key to fix him.

At station Vince tells Nathan still looking for who is Charlotte, Nathan just focus how to help Audrey.

Audrey found Vince try to find some evidence, he found a lot of photo about Lucy and Sarah.

Dwight found that Kirk takes the aether, she goes to see Charlotte he tell her about Duke.

Audrey tells Nathan that she thinks Charlotte is studying her, she tells him about she is dying.

Duke found out that Mara is taken, he rush to see her. He found her missing and he found some evidence. He get it to Gloria to check who is him, it’s Kirk.

Nathan goes to check Kirk’s house, Duke also shows up there he tells him that Mara is taken. Nathan tells him that Kirk has aether, he sneaky knock him down.

Vince and Audrey confront Charlotte about their photo, she excuse that she get it online after Dwight tell her.

Vince found nothing about Charlotte in CDC, Audrey thinks they should find who is her instead.

Duke found Kirk and accidentally killed him, Nathan found his body later. Duke goes to see Benny, try to asks him about Kirk knows. But when he touch them his eye turn to sliver. Benny found that his friend is suffocate, he thinks he gives him Kirk’s trouble.

Vince steal Charlotte’s car key and with Audrey they check her car. They found the ring same as Sarah in her car.

Duke tell Nathan about Benny when he give him the trouble, Duke receive the package. Inside it’s Mara’s toe, then Duke get call from Mara.

She upset him and make him upset. He get turn his eye to black, Mara tells him that she success to turn him.

Audrey and Nathan¬†question Charlotte about who is she, she said she wants her ring back. Nathan give it to her and he also can feel her, she tell them she is Audrey’s mother.