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Grimm Season 4 Episode 9 Wesenrein

Nick and Hank decide to tell Wu the truth, they bring him to trailer. They show him the book and tell him what they saw. He tell him that he is Grimm. He asks if he can handle about this..

Rosalee found that Monroe is kidnapped, and she found officer Acker is attacked. She call Nick, they rush to see her. He call Juliette that he will drop Rosalee with her.

Wolfsagen drag Monroe to old factory, they are going to kill him. Nick and Hank question Shaw about Monroe, he run off but they catch him.

Monroe wake up and found his cellmate Terry, he tell him that they takes him too for a while. Next night they take Terry out, he give Monrole something to his wife before he left.

They question Shaw at station but he won’t say, Nick almost killed him. They plan to trick him by let him goes and follow.

They tell Wu about Monroe, they want him to following Shaw. Shaw back home and get call tell him that copy following him, he left backdoor and he meet grandmaster and he is killed.

Juliette has a nightmare about kill Rosalee when she turn to Hexenbiest, she is relief when she found it’s just a dream.

Wu tell Nick that Shaw is dead, they go to check his house. They found Acker is part of wolfsangle,

Monroe get chance and knock the guard, he release himself from chain. He get out building but grand master just back, they chasing him to the wood. He see the body of Terry is burned and stab.

They found Acker call William inmate there, they go to check this William. While at Nick’s house, Juliette and Rosalee decided to following Trubel list.

Nick found from Willam that Charile pass to grand master, he met him several times to pass them the message, he has to do because doesn’t want to die.

They go to check Charlie’s house, they found his phone. While wolfsangle is going to kill Monroe.