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Haven Season 5 Episode 11 Reflections

Nathan tells Audrey that he thinks Duke kill Pete to end the contagion. Duke is with Mara, he doesn’t sure why she will help him. She said it’s for herself.

Kirk is shows up to Charlotte, he wants the cure now. Dwight shows up and chase him, she tells him she needs more ether to test.

Vinces tell Dwight that Charlotte is not exist in CDC, but he won’t accept.

Nathan goes to see Gloria about woman body Marcy that slide to pieces, her manager is upset because Marcy didn’t tell her that she is trouble.

Duke found that Mara is escape, but then he surprise that she get out to buy some food for them.

Audrey goes to see Charlotte about her sick, she tells her about Marcy too seems it’s not her trouble.

Nathan and Audrey found another victim, he used to big but now he can’t lift anymore and it press on him. Audrey then spot Grace, she found her and run off.

Dwight found that aether is missing, Duke tell Mara that aether is gone. Mara said it’s Nathan,┬áVinces tell Nathan about Charlotte. They need to find the prove, Nathan goes to see her. He gets out her hair and gives to Vince.

Dwight comes to ask Nathan about aether, Nathan thinks it’s Duke. Charlotte tells Audrey that her body is dying.

Audrey found out that Samantha the shop owner’s daughter has the trouble, Duke release his trouble but it’s turn their room to oven. He tells her to leave but she won’t.

Audrey and her friend goes to see Samanta, they found she turn her mother return to child. Audrey try to talks to her to sense, she understand now and then her mother turn back.

Nathan and Dwight check the footage to see who get their aether, but they see an unknown man