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Grimm Season 4 Episode 8 Chupacabra

At Dominican republic Doctors are leaving after they finish with their last patient, they are going back home.

One of doctor back his home at Portland, he looks tried and he has small mark at his neck. At night he is very sick and can’t sleep, he goes out to walk. He get the stomach and turn, he attack the man who walk the dog.

He wake up on morning and found himself cover with blood, Nick and Hank go to see his body. They found his body is eaten and blood drained, they question one of neighbor there he tell them that Chupacabra did this.

Rosalee get call from wolfsangle, they threanten her again. This time they kill animal and put at her door. Monroe come back and very upset.

Nick found Chupacabra in book, apparently it’s a kind of wesen. Nick get called from Monroe, he’s not happy Nick goes to see him.

His friend found Diego is sick, he following him and found him turn to Chupacabra. He attack him and suck his blood,  then he attack another witness. Then he get away.

Chupacabra shows up in neighbor, it try to attack but her boys beat it out. It running away. Wu and his partner run across it, he chasing it.

He found Diego cover with blood, he though that he is attacked. But when he looks back again he is missing.

Nick and Hank go to question Diego’s friend, he tell them he is not Diego. One of resistance meeting with Sean, he tell him he wants him to help to get his child.

Nick and Hank go to question Diego’s wife, they notice that both of them they are wesen. Diego is outside and see them, he is sick now he turn and attack his wife.

They rush to help him, Wu also with them. He is going to crazy, he see Chupacabra again he is going to shot him. But they stop him, he freak out and leave.

They catch him and take him to Rosalee, they mix the dose for them. They found his wife also infected, she turn and attack them. Once dose done, Diego to use it on his wife. He asks them to kill him, then he turn to Chupacabra and attacking them.

Hank shoot him to dead. Nick left the officer at front of their house before they leave for honeymoon. Monroe at night found that officer is also wolfsangel, he is knock down.

Juliette found out that she is become hexenbiest.