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Grimm Season 4 Episode 7 The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

At house, Dennis make christmas party. His friend tell him that he just get the big box of present. They take it inside, at night wesen inside break out the box.

Dennis goes to check, he found 3 of them. They start to attach him, he call for help. At trailer, they found out about wolfsagen. They suspect one of the guess at their wedding might know them.

Nick and Hank go to the house of Dennis, they found no entry force. But their house is mess. They talk to his wife, she tell them about late night delivery.

They found big box, they think something get out from box. At morning, Josh found Trubel is sneak out, he wants to go with her. She tell him she wants to check on some wesen about problem happen to Monroe.

While she peak the wesen house, she see Shaw is talking with other wesen. Then the other come from her back, he found her peak. He woged and ready to attack, Josh knock him down from back. They found his mask, they show it to Nick. They think they should talk to Bud. They go to see them, they see several of wesen there. Bud think this is a problem.

Nick and Hank question Dennis, he thinks they are kid wear mask. They found that these wesen attack at same area.

Sean talks to Nick about their mother, they have to find the way to not make they kill each other.

Nick and Hank get called that these wesen attack again, they get one of them because he fall from roof. They take him to Rosalee’s shop.

They found them in book, they found they are wesen child. They found how to stop them but sweek cake.

At house, Juliette and Rosalee found that child wesen get out. His friends also show up, they run after them. They run back to house and grab something to fight them.

Nick and them rush back and found them, they run off. When back, Trubel tell them about list of people may involve in wolfsagen.

At Monrole’s house they found medical bracelet drop there, they check name in it. They meet his parent who is wesen. They don’t believe that their son is, they found they will be at church.

Nick and Hank prepare trap for them, then they get inside. They just start to change, then they smell fruit cake. They get in truck, while they lock them.

They wait until next day, they found them turn back to normal. At house Trubel tell Nick that she wants to help Josh and go with him.