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Haven Season 5 Episode 9 Morbidity

They tell Dwight about Audrey and Mara, then Charlotte from CDC comes to see them. She is looking for Dave for his wound.

At station, they found that Charlotte dig around a lot about what happen and what they cover. They make plan to get Dave out so she won’t discover, Dwight the see Dave at station.

Charlotte spot him, she wants to talk with him in private. She asks him how he get the wound, he tell her it’s from jellyfish.

They use Chris’s trouble to convince Charlotte to believe, but she plan to stay in Haven for resting.

Nathan and Audrey go in town where they call them about disturbance, they found a man in beat suit. They found there is no one inside the suit, but it still can moving. But when they look again they see corpse.

They now spot 2 more of them, Dwight takes Charlotte in town for medicine. Nathan spot them try to stop them before she see them. Dwight takes her out before see.

Charlotte and Dwight has a dinner at the gull, one of customer suddenly collapse. She goes to check him, after check she thinks Haven has outbreak.

But when she checked it seems it’s just a food poison, she wants to check the sample Dwight is with him.

Seems he make the story to throw her away, Nathan and Audrey go to see waitress. She tell her that Lucy used to make it goes away. She tells her that it’s her father bear dress, it will shows everywhere that they go together.

She tell her that someone close to her just died like from outbreak. Audrey try to convinces her that she is not alone. She think the bear will stop.

At hospital, Gloria is worry about one of patient trouble might activate because. But when Dwight see him, his trouble already start. Before they can help, his trouble kill him. Charlotte found him and upset she wants to quarantine Haven.

Dwight and Nathan found that all sick are trouble, this is bad because they will get stress and their trouble will kick out.

They try to get her out hospital, by plan the vacation for her. Dwight call Audrey about bear just appear in hospital, Audrey surprise because she thinks it should gone.

Audrey asks Mara about this trouble, but she doesn’t help at all. While Audrey is give up, she thins that the bear is a way to expose her. So if they show her in town, bear might disappear.

Duke goes to hospital, he found a lot of sick trouble. Their trouble start to active, they try to stop one of them.

Charlotte shows up there, she is upset what they did about patient. She is going to quarantine Haven, Dwight following her out. Duke get one of the trouble to destroy the cell tower to stop Charlotte.

Duke try to throw her with Mara, but Dwight is not agree and they have fight.