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Grimm Season 4 Episode 6 Highway of Tears

Juliette and Nick decided to back to Grimm, then he will deal with this wolfsagen. At night a couple drive their car, they get some truck pass them. Then their car get tire break by trap, they hit to the tree.

2 Wesen show up and take one of them, she scream out loud for help and see he is dragged.

Victor and Adalind found out that Nick’s mother get her child, Juliette breath the potion and now they feel awkward. But they still make it.

After done, Juliette start to hurt her stomach. Then she turn back to Juliette, Trubel Monrole and Rosalee come to see him to be sure that they are back.

Nick get called about accident, he and Hank go to check. They found from his wife that her husband is taken by wesen. Nick remember that years ago they get similar case but case never close.

Josh comes to Nick house, he has no whereelse to go. Nick and Hank found weird doll near where they found the victim’s car. Sheriff shows up and tell them there is a case likes this 3 years ago, they go to check there and found same weird doll.

Nick and Hank found this wesen in his book, they thinks they are going to kidnapped one more woman to complete their rutal.

Nick, Hank goes to get Monroe to check the suspect. But sheriff is there, they decided to used her. At night they make the ritual, Nick and Hank arrive.

They found they are doing ritual, Nick start to get headache. He start to hear the voice far away, he tell them to keep going. But Nick get headache and alert them, they are missing. Hank goes out to find them, Monroe stay with Nick.

Hank call Monroe to help, but they push him to hole. They grab Nick, they woge to him then Nick see them now. He said they are done, he knock them down.

Nick back to Rosalee’s shop, he tell them now he is back. Trubel tell him about Josh.