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Haven Season 5 Episode 8 Exposure

Mara try to ask Duke about his mother, she tells him about someone died on ghost world. Nathan found that the victim must died because someone with knife.

Audrey tell Duke about Nathan, she thinks that must a way to detect him. Then they thinks about ghost seeker Seth.

Seth comes to help them about Nathan, he use his device and seem it response to Nathan. He is adapt his device to communicate with him.

Nathan found that Reggie is the one who carry knife around, he thinks he might hide at the guard lair. Duke back to see Mara. He tells her about his mother.

Audrey found that Amy the photographer actually cause the missing, they go to see her. Inside her house they found the photo Nathan along with other victim, she tells her about her trouble.

Nathan found Raggie is attack someone, they are fighting. Audrey and they found out when they injure, it show on picture. She ask her to take her photo, but it won’t works.

Duke found out that they have to print it to make it work, Nathan shows up at Amy’s house with him. Seem the other guy he found is Amy’s fiance, he is the one who die with knife. Nathan found out that he is the one who kill other.

Amy print Audrey photo, she disappear from world. She found Nathan and Amy’s fiance Morgan. He tell Amy to print her photo then her trouble will end, Seth thinks it’s strange. He try to stop her, but she won’t listen and gone.

She found the truth, they convinces her that he is not the man she loved anymore. She make her trouble stop, they all back to real world.

Morgan try to attack them, but Seth shows up and knock him down.