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Grimm Season 4 Episode 5 Cry Luison

Elizabeth tell them that Juliette just breath the potion and make love with Nick like Adalind did, but she will transform to Adalind while he make love with.

Ava ask Grabiel to promise her that he won’t let him get in. She takes her pill, but she can’t sleep. She walks down and she meet wesen, she rush out in her car and drive off.

On the way she hit someone and hit to the barricade, that wesen still shows up to her.

Nick won’t agree to do, they understand and leave them think about it. At morning after Nick left, But tell Trubel  that Nick has a big problem.

He said he accidentally tell bad wesen Shaw that Nick is not Grimm anymore, he want his revenge. Trubel and Bud goes after him to find him.

Nick and Hank go to see where Ava hit her car, they found a man she hit. She is taken to hospital because of impact.

They go to see them, they talk with her husband Grabiel. He tell them about her mentally sick. They go back to their house to check, he tell him about wolf Eva saw earlier. He tell them after they move here, she sick.

Trubel goes to see Shaw, she start to beat him. She threaten him to back off Nick, she tell Bud that this won’t be over.

Nick and Hank talks to Ava’s mental doctor, she show them the Ava’s wolf picture. At house of Josh, after his father funeral he is back home.

He found his house is trash, the Verrat are there. They chase after him, he run out. Nick shows the picture to Monroe, he said this is Luison.

They found Ava awake, they go to question her. But they won’t get much, Josh call Nick tell him about what happen. Nick tell Josh to leave his house.

Nick ask Monroe to looks for Luison at Ava’s house. He goes to her house, he get the smell of Luison. Monroe see Grabiel back at house, he call Nick to ask. Nick tell him that Grabiel is at court too, 2nd Grabiel smell him too. But Monroe escape.

They thinks they are twin, Ava now back at house. Grabiel give her some pill, tell her that police checked the house already.

At night Monroe goes to confront Luison, he freak out and try to run back to his brother. Hank catch him, Grabiel comes out and see him. They see 3 of them, Nick and them catch them. But inside there is another Luison, Ava wakes up and looking for Grabiel.

Nick and Monroe catch another one in her house, they catch them all and explain to her that he used mask to make her crazy.

Josh call him that he leave and nowhere to goes… Nick while at Monroe’s house, some of wesen threaten them for marriage. Juliette is upset she tell him that she is ready to have him back as Grimm.