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Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 Dyin’ on a Prayer

2 Men outside wolfsangel throw the brick in Rosalee’s shop. Elizabeth said that it’s because their marriage.

Juliette found that Trubel gone, they think she has some problem so she leave them. At night Keith wants to see his family, but his wife won’t let him. He turn to wesen and attack her, she get chance to take him down and run off with her child. He said he will kill them all.

Her brother goes to visit her Sara at hospital, he is very upset when he see her. Nick found Trubel at trailer, she tell him about FBI wesen Chavez that kidnapped her. She afraid she might hurt him, he said to her that she need to close to him.

Sara’s brother cast spell to Sara’s husband, golem shows up to him and buried him alive. Next day Nick and Hank go to see his body, his brother barge in and thinks he is killed. He thinks it’s Sara, Nick and Hank go to question her at hospital.

Trubel doesn’t see any Woge, they are human. After they back, Sara’s brother goes to see how victim died, he see the clay. He call Hank that he wants to confess for murder.

He shows them about golem, he tell them that he pray with golem and it killed victim. They takes his golem jar to verify, at station they found they are match.

Her brother try to explain Sara about what he did, but she doesn’t care. She found victim’s brother at home, he threaten Sara and her boy. She called the police about it, Nick and Hank go there but he already left. He left some police there.

Next day Rosalee and Monroe goes back to see Elizabeth, they found Adalind instead. Rosalee realize that she is Elizabeth, she said that they need most important ingredient.

Nick and them go to check Nate, they see golem just killed him. Then they found that Sara’s brother pray golem to protected David, now they think it will kill anyone who upset him.

He said that he needs to put something in golem mouth to stop him, he said he will threaten David himself.

They arrive at home, they tell David that his uncle want to talks with him. He goes outside with Trubel, then Nick start to threaten David he wants to takes him jail.

Golem shows up, they try to stop it. Trubel try to help but she stuck in it, David comes to fight it, it goes away.

At night, Monroe Rosalee and Elizabeth tell him that they found way to give his power back what they needs if from Juliette.