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Haven Season 5 Episode 5 The Old Switcheroo (Part 2)

Jerry hijack the taxi by using his switch to driver, Nathan and Duke try to trick Mara to get to Audrey. As she doesn’t know that they are switch.

Duke tell Nathan that may be Mara is not immune to his new trouble, they are looking for another strategy.

Dave and Vinces go to meet Jeffery brother’s wife, she tell them actually Jeffery switch with her husband. They tell her that the trouble is trigger by emotion, if they can talk together it will stop.

Nathan lock Mara in same room with him, he plan to let one of his trouble out to get Audrey back. But nurse come in and let Mara out, they lock them in room.

Mara shows up when Dwight and Gloria corner Jeffry, she shot Dwight and grab Jeffry. Duke and Nathan thinks what they did is work, Mara is feel it. But they need to get back to try again.

Dave and Vinces try with Skip to get them back but it won’t work, he try to ask him talks to his brother but he won’t. Dave following him to house then he is pulled by the door. Vinces and Skip try to grab him, Skip said if he and brother switch all of them may back.

Nathan and Duke found Mara with Jeffery, Duke electrocute her. Dave,Vinces and Skip back to Haven, Jeffery wants to talks with Skip now. After they meet and understand each other, every one switch back.

Jeffery’s wife tell Dave and Vinces about Howard, she tell them he wants to buy her house. Dave tells him about 30 years ago when Colarodo’s kid die, he wakes up beside him but doesn’t remember anything.

Duke, Nathan and Mara are in same room, Duke cut himself and release his troubles. It blow the all room, they are knock down.

But Mara still exist, then they notice a woman. She is Audrey.