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Grimm Season 4 Episode 3 The Last Fight

Wu and Juliette take him to hospital, while Trubel is kidnapped by FBI wesen. She woge to her and found she is a Grimm. They let her goes.

At back stage, his coach cheer up his boxer. Then men come to see him, they start to beat him. He is upset and turn to wesen and knock them down.

Then they takes him to the boxing, he knock his rival down. At night one of the men who beat the boxer get killed in his car.

They check him but found nothing wrong, but it seem he has special part that used to work but not anymore.

Nick and Hank go to check him, they go to question his sister. They found he has injured from boxing.

Monroe and Rosalee go to see Sean and meet his mother, she said she will help Nick with them.

Nick and Hank go to see the boxing and meet coach kingston, they ask him about Bobby victim they found. They have no idea. Nick and Hank found the boxer outside he is punching the garbage, they think he is wesen.

Nick doesn’t want get Trubel on this, he convince Nick to use her. Monroe, Rosalee and Elizabeth goes to Adalind’s storage. She found the potion she used, when she eat in she turn to Juliette. She tell them to looks for book.

They go to see boxing Clay’s mother. Nick found that victim call Kingston before died. Next day Trubel chat with Clay, Kingston upset with her because she talks to Clay. When she tell him that she is fighter, he call his boxer Hurricane.

He wants to test her, she get in the ring. Nick and Hank found her, she found that Hurricane is wesen. She fight dirty and knock her down.

They ask Kingston about his last call, he point them to restaurant. Clay is panic and wants to stop, Kingston convince him not to. He and abe are wesen, Trubel see them.

In prison, Adalin meet Hoffman. He takes her out of prison. Elizabeth open the book and found the spell, she tell them that she need the clean place. Rosalee tell her about her shop.

Next Nick and Hank found them as kind of wesen, then he found that Abe is killed. They go to confront Kingston about it, he turn. But he knows they are not Grimm, Trubel shows up he attack her. Nick and Hank get to him too, but he is too strong. Trubel grab his teeth and break it.

Clay’s mother wants him to fight, she start to beat him. Trubel comes to stop her, she turn and attack her. Clay stop her, Nick stop him from hurt her. He break his arm instead.

At shop, they are making potion to reverse spell. But outside 2 men are waiting.