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Haven Season 5 Episode 5 The Old Switcheroo (Part 1)

They lock her in gull, she try to upset them. She tells them their plan to treat her like Audrey is not works anymore.

Vinces after knows the word from Dave’s session “croatons”, he goes to see the cafe name “croatons” to find more clue.

Dave is at Haven, suddenly he switch is body with Vinces. He heads back to Haven, Nathan tell Duke that as Mara fight back they will need another way to trick her. He thinks that get her help them on case will help.

Gloria and Dwight go to check Barry and his patient Hopkins  body, they suddenly have a fight and kill each other. Then Claire and Dwight switch their body.

Nathan found them asks them how it’s happen, they said they just work on case. Nathan bring Mara to help on case, during the time Nathan ask the nurse about 2 victims.

Audrey shows up she tells him that Barry and Hopkins switch their body, Dave goes to see house where he is adopt. But he still not get used to Vince’s body he knock himself.

He found the waitress from croaton cafe, she lives there with her husband. They tell him that they lives her for generation but not heard anything about adoption.

After autopsy Gloria found that if switch body one of them die the other will die, while Mara is sleep. Audrey tells Nathan and Duke about switch Trouble, seems they switch because both of them has secret.

Audrey tells Nathan not to takes her to case, Mara is suspicious. She asks Duke to stay with her to done it.

At morning, Duke start to talks to her how they met, he could get Audrey out. They try to talks together.

Dave and Vinces found that waitress from croaton calls Freddy at Haven mentality. They found that one of patient there is the waitress husband brother Jeffry.

Nathan goes to see Jeffry the nurse tell him that he is upset, then he touch Nathan and run out. Nathan switch with Duke now, now Nathan knows about Colorado.

Duke call Nathan and tell him that Mara is pretend to be Audrey, he thinks she try to trick him to unchain her.

Dave and Vinces found the door near the waitress address, Dave stop him before get in.