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Grimm Season 4 Episode 2 Octopus Head

At hospital Sean is dead, but there is a woman wait outside. She cast spell to pause all doctor, she get in and bring out 2 snake heads. It bite him, then later that he ‘s back.

Adalind goes to see Victor at his castle, he said he needs to approve what she did first. But they let her in and locked her in prison instead of give her a baby.

Trubal following Anderson to hotel, she following him until knows his room number. Nick and Hank tell her to just following him and keep an eye.

Monroe and Rosalee almost give up they can’t find anything can help, Anderson has meeting with Victor, Trubal following him.

That woman is Sean’s mother, he finally wakes up and see her. At station FBI’s agent wesen wants to talk to Nick in private. She woge but Nick didn’t see her.

Wu is suspect something about Trebal, he asks Hank about her. Hank left him stand by, Wesen FBI confirm someone that Nick is not Grimm. She said she knows who and going to confirm.

Sean tell his mother about Nick and Adalind, and baby. Anderson goes to see Victor, and he notices Trubel. He following her and knock her down.

Nick and Hank following her and can’t find her, they decided to back to his hotel to check clue.

Anderson wake Trubel up and asks about her, he woge and start with Victor. While he is eating Victor, she attack him. But he knock her down again, and suck her memory.

He stop when he found the she is a Grimm. He start to get visions from her, he is scare and gone insane. Fortunately both Victor and Trubel memory still intact.

Nick and Hank go to visit Sean, they meet his mother. At next day Wu comes to confront Nick about Trubel, when he is going to answer him.

His head and Adalind is hurt at same time, they switch their sight. He can see what Adalind see, and Adalin see what Nick see.

During way to trailer, Trubel is kidnapped by FBI wesen