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Haven Season 5 Episode 4 Much Ado About Mara

Mara tells Dwight that she has to fix Duke before he explode, they surround them outside.

Duke when he talks to her like to Audrey, he found her too. She tells him that it’s not her fault, then Mara comes back. She release one of his trouble.

But instead he get one of his trouble, Mara gets out the cabin with Duke. One of them wants to kill her, but Dwight said that she is the best option to end all trouble. He cuff her and takes back to cabin.

Dwight asks her about why she makes the trouble, and asks her about mission. She tells him that she can cure trouble, he won’t believe her. She tell that she will cure 1 person.

Duke found Nathan, Nathan tells him as Dwight treat her as Mara. Audrey will weaker, he asks him to help him. He goes inside, Dwight caught both of them.

Dwight takes Jody to see her, she remove her trouble. Jody is happy and left, then guards around cabin notices something strange.

1st there has no signal, birds start to fell down and drop dead. Nathan found that this new troubles he get it attach to his guilt, one of guard around cabin suddenly blind.

Duke and Nathan escapes, they tell Dwight that one of them make this trouble. They are his option to find out.

They finally make agree that they will work together until fixed this new trouble first, they questions all the guard until last one. He panic and then suddenly blind and dead.

Duke thinks that Mara release more then one Trouble to him, Dwight figure out that someone send out the microwave.

Mara tells Duke that she alter Jody’s trouble to Microwave instead. Duke tells them and leave to find her, he found her in the car. Her driver is dead, he try to convince her not to feel guilty.

He takes her back, Dwight goes to see her again to make she cure. Mara try to make him angry, but he suddenly notices her intention.

He start to talks to her like she is Audrey, then he see Audrey comes out too. He comes out and tell them about her, Duke suggest that if Audrey comes back from Mara she may knows how to do like Mara.

Duke thinks that Audrey actually tell him how to cure the Trouble, they think now the barn is gone no one control her personality.

Nathan surprise that Audrey comes out to him too, then they realize that Duke, Nathan and helping troubles are things Audrey like that why she comes out. They will try to put everything to her.

3 of them get inside with her and try to talks to her as Audrey, she finally comes back but not for long. She tell them Mara now knows her, she knows what Mara’s know when she thinks about it.

She tells them about Mara that she can’t get out Trouble but she can only put in, then Mara takes control back.