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Grimm Season 4 Episode 1 Thanks for the Memories

Sean is taken to hospital, they try to rescue him. Nick and them go back to house, they are going to turn Trebal in.

Anderson goes to see Larry, he tell him about Danny’s accident. When he close to him he change to wesen and attack him. When finish he is leaving but he meet Larry’s wife, he knock her down.

Wu is reading their book when they arrive, they tell them that Trebal kill the shooter. They found the dead man is that FBI agent, they wants to question Trebal.

FBI agents comes they also want to talks to her, she tell them what happen. They want her to station for formal statement.

One of the FBI is wesen, she takes a look on their book and woge. Juliette goes back to house, she found the blood and bullet hole. She is sad, Monrole and Rosalee come to see her.

At station FBI seems to believes Trebal story, they release her. FBI wesen stare at Nick but she get no response, because Nick is no longer Grimm.

Anderson access the confidential files from cafe, their security found out. He get all files he want and leave.

Sean is out of ICU, doctor wants them to contact his kin. Nick and Trebal comes back from station, he tell them about what happen to him. Rosalee thinks probably it’s a curse, they go to check how to fix it.

FBI found trunk of dead FBI, they found his stuff. They are suspect him a lot, at morning Nick get call about bodies. He goes to see them, they found Larry has wound police send them to hospital already.

They found that he doesn’t remember anything, because of the attack to his head. They go to their trailer, they meet Trebal. She found the wesen who can do that.

After Anderson meets with his boss, he wants him to gather more info from Victor before they send to client. While he get in car, polices come to stop him.

Nick get call that they have Anderson, they take Trebal with them. They question him at station, then they let him out. They make him see Trebal, she confirm that he is that wesen. They ask her to following him.