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Grimm Season 3 Episode 22 Blond Ambition

Today Rosalee, Monroe and them go to rehearsal. Adalind cast spell and transform to Juliette. After that they have a dinner, Adalind in body of Juliette goes to see Sean.

She try to seduce Sean and make him feel that she has feeling to him. But then her spell is wear off, she rush back to her storage.

Adalind call Juliette and tell her about Sean’s obsession. She is very upset once hear, she tell Nick about it.

Sean call Juliette and tell her that they can’t see each other again, she is confusing what he said and hang up on him.

Nick and Trebal move his trailer to new place, while Adalind make the misunderstand between Sean and Juliette. She disguise and Juliette and goes out again.

Sean found Adalins’ storage, he found that she is doing spell again. Adalind disguise as Juliette and goes to see Nick. Then she sleep with him.

Then she rush out hurry, Trebal see her and feel suspicious. She is following her, she see her change to Adalind.

Juliette arrives at house and found that Nick has sex with someone, she is upset. Nick tell her that it’s her, but she said it’s not her otherwise who has been.

She thinks it may be Adalind, now they are upset. Sean arrives at Nick’s home try to warn him, but he meet Trebal. He found from her that Adalind is alone with Nick, he tell her that Nick needs to drink potion he take.

She gives him the wedding address, before he get out he is shot by FBI from verrat. He shooting at Trebal also, when he cornered her in room. He woge and try to kill her without gun.

He realize that she is Grimm, she cut his head out. She call the police and rush to the wedding.

She enter the wedding while guests woge, they break her potion. Nick try to stop them, he lost his sunglasses but he didn’t see them woge. They escape to other room, they found that Nick lost his power. She tell him about Sean and FBI and Adalind, they escape.