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Haven Season 5 Episode 2 Speak No Evil

Duke found Nathan he tells him about the curse from his family, he found him shot by Mara. Mara is at town she just kill a woman for her dress.

Nathan is going after her again, while Duke will keep looking for Jennifer. Mara get ME’s assistant Vickie to draw her something. Her troubled is what she draw it become real.

Mara takes her to draw the spot in wood, once done she tear the paper. The spot is also tear but when she try to get in. It’s gone. She tease Vickie before she left.

Vickie tells Nathan that she thinks Audrey is at the morgue, at morgue ME Gloria found that aether is moving. Then she notice Mara is coming, Nathan with gun comes in and found Gloria hiding. She tells him she is gone, but she thinks she will back for aether.

Dwight get Duke to help to find the Mara, but they found guy from trouble’s family is beaten. Nethan decided to confront Mara, he takes aether with him to lure her out.

Dwight found that the sew troubles will activate if they are going to tell the not good news. One of nurse tells him about body wash out, he found she is Jennifer.

Mara wants to meet Nathan at the same spot as Vickie, he goes to see Dwight. He tells him about Jennifer, and tell him how the sewer trigger active. Nathan tell him he will tell Duke himself.

Nathan is going to tell Duke about Jennifer, his eye is sew. He tells him that he denied the truth, he won’t listen and wants him to shut up.  His ear and mouth is shut now, finally he accepted. Nathan is back to normal.

Nathan tells him about plan to give Mara to the guard, he shows up at the meeting point. Mara gun him again, and search him for aether.

She found only one of it, she split it to half and doing troubled to him. She notices Nathan get Vickie to draw the wood, Nathan use her draw to knock her down and cuff her.

Dwight and the guard is resist to Vince, they wants to get information from her. Now they won’t following him anymore.

Nathan found that Audrey still inside, he suddenly change his mind and takes her escape.