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Grimm Season 3 Episode 21 The Inheritance

At dinner while they have, someone is outsider their house. Trubel tell them about how she see the first wesen, she killed him. The man outside call Nick but then he changes his mind, he tell that he will call him later.

He back to his room, his father asks if he tell Nick about it. He said no, then someone knock the door. He open and he get attack, while he woge. His father kill him, his son panic he doesn’t understand anything about what’s he talks about.

He tells him that they need to leave now, they stop at gas station. They looks for place to stay until see Nick.

His father cut one of his book page and ask his son to show to Nick, he instead meet Trubel. After she see the drawing she is going to call Nick.

At station, Nick Hank and Sean talks about the dead in hotel of that father-son stayed. And they found FBI which work with Verrat is there too.

As she can’t reach Nick, she goes with him. She said she will protect them, she meet him she tell him that she is a Grimm.

He wants to give the stuff he has to Nick, he’s not well they are going to send him to hospital. He tell them don’t leave his trunk.

Sean following Adalind to Nick’s house, he found her takes their personal stuff. While he asks her for answer, she knocks him down.

Verrat disguise as police ask Josh about where they about, now they knows where are them. Trebal call Nick and tell him about Josh’s father, they rush to there.

Nick goes to see Josh’s father, he gives him another key. Josh tell Nick about FBI, he thinks something suspicious. His father tell him about his cane, they now go out to get his key. Hank found Verrat surround their car, he tell them to down.

Then that FBI rush his car to him, they start to fight. They killed them all, Nick tell Trebal to takes car and go home.

At Nick’s house, they are looking for the key in his trunk. Then they realize about his cane, they found a key in his cane. They found the map is point back to germany.

Adalind in storage, she make the spell and transform herself to Juliette..