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Grimm Season 3 Episode 20 My Fair Wesen

Nick tell Juliette that Trubel will stay with them for a while, at mall 3 women steal expensive cloth from shop. They go back to see her boss, he found one of them missing. Later she come back, he upset about her mistake and late, he eat her alive.

At night Trubel try to sneaks out, Nick stop her from leave. Next day he wants Monroe and Rosalee help to show her. They bring her to see them, and woge to show her.

Dog of a family found woman body, they see her body and scream. Nick, Hank and Trubel go to see crime scene. They found her body is out of blood, they thinks he might be a wesen. They takes her to trailer, they found wesen that match with this mark.

They check the victim’s last house, she is Cammy. Then they meet Jean, she tell Megan Cammy’s roommate that cop wants to see her. Trubel see she woge. When Nick and Hank try to leave because they can’t bring her in, Trubel goes down to get the info.

She tell her about woman name Donna and how she met at square, Nick and Hank come to stop her. They found that Cammy just caught for shoplifting.

They all goes to square to stakeout keep an eye on Donna, they think they might looking for replacement. Trubel thinks of something and go out to see Donna.

Trubel disguise as beggar near Donna, they talks about their cloth. Finally Donna convince her and hired her, they try to following her but too late she get in her car. She leads her to Ken’s hideout.

Ken meet her and hired her, now they dress her. Nick and Hank found Donna’s address but they didn’t found anyone. They found her 2nd address.

When Trubel tell Ken that she wants to go back, he stop her and takes her to his room. He woge to her, she kick his ass and run off. While she tell the other to run out, Donna didn’t. She found that she is wesen too, they attack at her.

She kill Donna while Nick and Hank get in and kill Ken. Nick is worry about her, Trubel tell him she wants to learn more from him.