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Haven Season 4 Episode 13 The Lighthouse

Audrey gives Duke’s curse back, she feel the other her. She see the memory when she is with William. Duke use Nathan’s blood to check that his power back.

Duke tells Nathan that he is worry about Audrey, he killed the baby’s father. It’s works when baby cry, nobody died anymore.

Duke tells Jennifer that they should take down William now before Audrey change, Jennifer tells them that they need to find 4 people like her from another world. So they count Audrey, Jennifer and William. The 4th Vinces and Dave is looking, for William Audrey will take care.

Audrey tells Nathan that the other her is Mara, she now get the connection with William. The other separate to find the 4th, Nathan and Audrey go to get William by sleep gun.

Duke and Dwight found 2 men from the bar, they try to teaser them but it’s not work. Then they change to black object and fly out, they thinks that they are created by William so they can’t use them to open door.

2 Men show up and knock Nathan down, they show him to Audrey. William tell her to stop them by command, she did. Now Mara is stronger, she command them back to the box.

She remember what happen in past with him, he convinces her to put 2nd trouble on Nathan.

Duke and them found that Dave lost the journal that can help them, while Vinces found that Dave get all record about adoption like Jennifer. He feels not ok and bleed, when he touch the ground it become dead. They thinks his trouble is altered.

Audrey start to like what she did as Mara, she closed to Nathan and tell him to knock her down. He did and so William also knock down.

Vinces asks Dave about 4th person, he tells him that it’s him. Duke and them comes in, Vinces tell them he is the 4th.

Nathan takes him and her to the lighthouse, Vinces and them also there. They stand on the positions, but Dave get chance and grab the gun.

He really wants to go out, Vinces try to calm him down but Dave panic and shoot him. But bullet goes to Dwight instead, he grab him back.

Jennifer open the door, when they try to push him. He wants to deal with them he said he can fix Duke, while they argue. Dave somehow fall in door, they try to grab him.

Then they push William in door, Jennifer close the door. Then she collapse, she tells Duke that Dave is right they should not open the door. Then she stop breathing…

They found Duke bleeding from his eye, suddenly Audrey ? asks them who is gonna help her get Williams back.