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Grimm Season 3 Episode 19 Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen

At night FBI man following Sean after he left the bar, he is going to kill him but he missed.

At night Adalind comes to see Nick for help, she wants them to get her baby back. She said he needs to get his mother, Nick tell her she is released hours ago. They tell her that nothing they can do now, she won’t listen and left.

At night, a woman is going to kidnapped by 2 men. They changed to wesen and attack her to dead.

Adalind confront Sean about her baby, she is very upset. She wants him to help her get her baby. She goes to see Monroe and Rosalee too, she asks them to help her.

Nick and Hank go to check bodies, they found 2 men bodies. They are not found their car. They found one of them has brother, they go to question him. He turn to wesen after knows he died, when he knows Nick. He thinks Nick killed them.

Nick tell Monroe to keep Adalind after knows she goes to see them. Rosalee give her some drink and tell her to rest.

Nick and Hank found victim’s car, they found some evidence they are going to check restaurant.

At Austria, the king comes to see Victor. He knows a lot of things about baby, Eric he tell him that he needs baby raising under their wall.

They found video from fast food restaurant, they found victim truck is drive by young female. That female goes to buy some cloth, but she is following by a woman. She wants to rob her cloth, she turn to wesen and attack her.

She manage to killed her and run away, but there is a man saw they struggled he call police about it.

Nick and Hank ask Monroe about her, but what he explain doesn’t match her description. Nick get call that there is an attack, they go to see her body. Nick found that she is wesen, and Monrole smell something.

Adalind call Victor beg him to return her baby, but he didn’t tell her he has no child. She tell him she will do anything for him, he tell her he will thinks about it.

Apartment’s owner of that woman found that woman is a suspect, he call police. Nick knows that she is leaving, they rush to there.

They found her on street, Nick following her while Hank block her with his car. She try to run away and meet Monroe. She start attack him, Nick and Hank try to stop her. Then Monroe tell him that she is a Grimm.

They takes her to station as she doesn’t want to say anything to them. Adalind called Victor and ask her to get on Nick for revenge.

They found that Grimm woman was at mental institute. Nick thinks it’s understandable, he takes her to his trailer. He shows her his books, she get in to see more in trailer.

Adalind goes to see Sean, she tell him that she is understand why he did. At night Nick bring that woman Trubel back home.