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Grimm Season 3 Episode 18 The Law of Sacrifice

Nick is going to shows up at Sean’s room, Adalind tell him if he try to get their baby kill him. While Victors get a man in FBI to takes their baby.

He arrives at Sean’s place, her mother spot him. Nick convince them that they are not safe there, they need to work together.

Once he back, his mother tell him about FBI guy and his men he sent upstairs. Nick warn them about them, they come to help him.

Nick tell Monroe and Rosalee about Adalind, he wants to put them in their house. They drop her there and leave.

They go to visit FBI’s agent, they ask him questions. He tell them that head of Verrat will come down here to get baby. They tell him to send royals the message about where is a baby.

They tell Hank about situation, next day Victor and Verrat comes to Portland. Victor goes to visit Sean at station. He threaten to kill him, adalind and his mother if he not delivery his child.

Next day, polices get in Monroe’s house and arrest Nick’s mother for kill Adalin’s mother. Sean tell Adalind to bring baby to give the statement, he send her to give statement. He hold their baby, Diana. She found Nick’s mother, they talk about her mother.

Sean get Diana out of station, and he give her to Victor. Adalind found that Diana is missing, she found that Sean just gives her.

Victor and Diana are heading to airport, once they arrive. Mask men show up and try to get Diana. They tell him that they are resistance, they take her and his car. They are Sean, Nick, Monrole, Hank and his mother.

Next day Nick’s mother drive her to the safe house.