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Haven Season 4 Episode 11 Shot in the Dark

Seth and his crew make video about Haven paranormal, then they heard the woman scream from one house. They go to check inside, they found a lot of scratch on wall and house is trash. When they looks in the room, they found something and run off the house.

Me check her body Abby and tell Dwight that her heart is eaten, Seth and his crew still around there shooting video. Dwight tell them to stop.

Nathan is with Audrey in hospital, her doctor curious how she and William can have the same wound. Vinces comes to ask Nathan to help about Seth, he thinks if he chase the story they will found troubled person.

Audrey agreed to him, she asks Nathan and Duke to solve this troubled. Audrey tells Vinces about thing William tell her that he and her responsible for troubles.

Nathan and Duke go to see Jemma, she is Abby’s friend. They meet Seth and crew, they try to stop them. Then they see something attack at them, when it left they found Jemma dead.

They found later that Emma’s heart is also eaten, they found how to check who is him by DNA testing. While Seth try to blackmail Dwight and Nathan to tag them along in case, they won’t agree.

They found that both victims born on the same day that the troubles start, they go to the Herald they found it’s stash. Duke is looking for Jennifer, look like it also after her.

They go to see Seth and crew, they want to see what they record. They tell them that monster is look like pieces of black pieces. They go to ask William about it.

Audrey wake up and heal, she found that William is gone. Stan is attacked by those two men from barn.

Jennifer call Duke about the attack, they rush to see her. He asks her to write down what she learn. Seth tell Dwight that he used to come here, and see thing. With saliva they found in body, Seth has tool to detect it.

Dwight thinks with that device, they can know that it is near by. Audrey confirm Jennifer that she is born on same days as other victim. Seem William goes after them, Seth and Dwight comes and when they turn the device it ring.

Then Seth think it’s gone, then his device goes on opposite direction when he move near Jennifer. Audrey see the books she carry is same book Howard left for her, when she takes it the device stop. When she takes it again the device ring, then monster shows up.

Audrey thinks must be something important inside the book, but she drop it. Jennifer goes to takes it but monster shows up. When it touch her, it become pieces. Her book start to glow.

Before left Seth tell Vinces that he will not release any footage about this, because it’s important here.

In book Jennifer found that she can summon the door and send him away, that’s why he try to killed her.