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Grimm Season 3 Episode 17 Synchronicity

While Nick make decision not to go to Monroe’s wedding. Hank ask him how wesen knows that he is Grimm, it’s time for him to find out.

Adalind goes to meet the person who will takes her back to Sean, while they are ambush and she is kidnapped from Victor’s men. Nick’s mother shows up and kill them all. She takes them to plane and take off.

She thinks their plan is compromise, she tell them to head to somewhere else. Nick tell Monroe and Rosalee about his thought, they tell him about how wesen knows he is Grimm. They tell him to wear sunglasses.

Victor is upset and changed his head of Verrat, because Adalind get away. He tell his new Verrat’s head that do anything to get her and baby back.

Their plane land at Oregon, they pick the truck and goes to Portland. Adalind thought that she is working for Sean. But she said no one, Victor figured out that Adalind head to Portland.

At night, his mother and Adalind show up at his house. Nick and Juliette is very surprise to see both of them.

She tell them that Resistance wants her and her child to be safe from Verrat. They seem has not much choice but to help her.

His mother tell him about Adalind she might get her power back, Nick thinks they should return baby to resistant. But his mother think the child must has normal childhood. Then they found Adalind is escaping.

They thinks that she might goes to see Sean, they found her truck. She goes to see him and tell him about Nick’s mother.

Nick convince his mother not to killed them, he wants to talk to them first.