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Haven Season 4 Episode 10 The Trouble with Troubles

Nathan, Audrey and Dwight go to at accident site, they just sent Susie to hospital seem a troubled of Doreen shows up. She make the volcano erupt at Haven, seem William again head of them and make people trouble again.

At morning, Audrey wake up and found Nathan is missing. She found the gull is change to something else her car is missing, she walk bare foot to the road.

She found Duke is  a police officer, she found that he doesn’t remember her. He drop her in town, he tell her he has to questions witness.

She found Vince and Dave but they don’t remember her too, and she found that the troubles are gone.

Duke tells her that there is no Nathan in Haven, he takes her to hospital. She meet Nathan but he is a doctor. He found nothing strange at her, then William shows up.

He tells her that he doesn’t do anything, but he also immune the trouble. He said someone did this. She found that Nathan already has family, she thinks Haven like this is OK. He tells her that he will do it alone to change it back.

William goes to see Vinces and Dave to get them to find someone for him, Audrey goes to see Duke and tell him about William. But he doesn’t believe her, then he get the call about murder.

She found they are Vince and Dave, they are dead. Duke found her hair in Dave’s hand, he thinks that she killed them. She try to explain him that William plant it.

He arrest her, he questions her. She explains him about troubles, he doesn’t believe him. Then he get the call about another body Doreen, she tells him that she is William last victim.

William goes to see her in prison as lawyer, he wants her to find that troubled person. Otherwise he will kill one she loves.

Duke found that the killer is not Audrey because she is in custody at that time she dead, at station Audrey is released. She goes to see Nathan, he tells her that his family is missing.

William call Nathan to talks to Audrey he tells her to find troubled person then he will release them. She asks him what’s change here, they talk about vandalism. She notices it’s also new, she goes to check his flyer.

She found Susie in flyer, she tells him that she needs to see her. They found her, she complaint that Cliff is always wander around her.

She talks to him, he accepted that he’s troubled. He said when Susie died, he wish the troubled to go away then it’s real. She thinks he is in danger, she wants to keeps him safe.

Audrey tell Nathan that she will find the way to get them back. Duke shows up while she argue with him, Nathan get Cliff out.

Duke tells her that he believes him, they now need to find them. Nathan takes Cliff to see William, he tells him to wish back he won’t. He punch him down.

Nathan goes back to help Cliff, Audrey and Duke also goes to help him. But William ambush Audrey, he kill Duke.

William tells Audrey that the real her is make troubles, that is why she always come back. That’s why she is punished, he knows this because he and her do it together.

Nathan arrives, Audrey tricks William. Nathan grab the gun and tell him to drop it, William then decided to kill Cliff, Audrey wakes up.

She is back to old Haven, Audrey tells Nathan that they need to kill William. Audrey tells the story to Duke and Nathan. They think he might use same hide out, they go to check and found him there.

William tells them that he will tell them everything that they did together, Nathan is upset and shoot him. Audrey also get injures at same place as him.