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Haven Season 4 Episode 9 William

Audrey see those guy from the bar, she shooting at him but he escapes. Duke, Vinces and Dave get in. Audrey is after that guy, Duke following her. Nathan tell Vinces that when she comes back she will kill him. Vinces say no.

While Audrey explains them about these 2 men she met, Vinces shows her the pictures of them. He get it from Carrie they are the one who attack her.

Vinces and Dave tell them about the journal, now they can’t kill Nathan. Duke tells them about Horseshoe crab.

2 Men abducted Dwight, they tell him that they lost a important box and he wants him to find it. They said if he doesn’t help he will give him another trouble.

Dwight get out from the restrain, he try to get his gun but they get him. But he manage to call to Nathan, Nathan pick up and hear them. Dwight secretly tell them where is him, Duke figure that out.

But 2 men found the trick he did about phone, but too late Nathan and them arrives. They gun at them, then they heard the noise. They found William is beaten and cuff.

William doesn’t remember anything, Audrey thinks the barn erase him. At station Dwight questions that man, he try to asks him what is in the box. He tell them that there is a killer running in his town.

William tell them that those men keep ask him about the box, but he doesn’t know too. Audrey tells him about barn keeper, she thinks that he is the replacement of keeper. But when the barn is destroyed he is wipe out.

Dwight get illusion from that man, he see Duke as a killer. Duke is talking with Jennifer that she should talks to them she may get something.

They go to see one of them in prison, when he grab her Duke try to get her out. Jennifer feels strange and get the illusion also.

Nathan questions another one about box, he tells him that once he open the content in box it will devour him and his lover. He let something out of his mouth and it goes in his ear. He start to have illusion and panic, he thinks Audrey will falls in love with William.

Dwight sneak in Duke’s boat and find the knife, Jennifer start to hear and see illusion, she upset and leaves. He is very confusing.

Nathan start to attack William, he jealous at them without cause then he left. She takes William to see the ME, she shows them victims she just autopsy. She shows them what is in their head and make them berserk.

Audrey thinks Nathan has it, she suggest them to tie them down. Dwight threaten to cut Duke if he won’t answer the question. Duke shows him where he buried Wade.

Audrey and William go to ask those guy again, while Nathan and Jennifer almost start to fight each other. Nathan is going to kill Nathan.

Audrey and William accidentally touch each other and they are spark. Now they touch hand, he start to remember that he hold the box while they are after him. He is drop near the looks out then he has no box now.

Now they know where is the box, both me is disappear. But Nathan, Dwight and Jennifer are block them and start to fight them.

Dwight knock Nathan down, Duke get Dwight cuff while Duke stay to keep them. They rush to the looks out, he found his box. She notices that he start to change a bit, he tells her that when they spark.

This is what he always wants to see her, it seems he remember everything he tricks her. She found that all that happening today is cause from him, he keeps asks her to open the box.

She open it and found the flower, then when she doesn’t want him to touch him it changed back to rock. One of those men show up, William tell him to get his partner back.

At station the black object start to get out from Dwight, Nathan and Jennifer. They all back to normal, they rush to Audrey.

She found that William is the one who make the trouble altered. He tell her that he wants her back, he love her. He tells her that the real her is in there and she belongs to him.

Audrey wake up and found Nathan, William is gone.