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Haven Season 4 Episode 8 Crush

Duke buried Wade, Vinces narrow down Jennifer real parents to 6 families. She found she came from here.

Vinces comes to see Audrey, he wants to knows where is Nathan. He tell Nathan that he wants him to hurry.

Duke tells Jennifer that he is leaving this town and won’t coming back. She is upset and goes to pack her stuff.

While Duke walking at home, he see a man suddenly collapse and things around is shrink. He see the girl is walking toward it, he rescue her.

Duke see Jack coming, he seems safe. They found victims is crush with a lot of pressure. Then they found Dave and Vince, they have symptom of pressure ill.

Audrey and Nathan go to see the crime scene, their ME explains the same as Duke. To fixed them they put them in decompression chamber.

At his boat while she is leaving she see horseshoe crab winks at her before disappear. Duke still tell her that he wants to leave, she try to convinces her but she give up.

Nathan found the source of pressure, it comes from one of the car. It’s the car that almost run on Vinces and Dave, so they might see him.

Nathan and Audrey go to ask them, they said Jack is in that Car but it’s not possible that he is a troubled. He tells them it’s impossible, then he upset then pressure start to rise up.

He seals himself in decompression tanks, Audrey remind that Cassie is attacked by someone before her troubled changed. She asks him that is he attacked, he tell them that last night he pass out.

They found the hand print on his back too. they ask Vinces and Dave to get Carrie sketch her attacker. Jack uses his scuba technique to calm down, now he’s back to normal.

An officer wakes a man on public place, he tell her that he doesn’t remember how he is there. He and his brother did something and there are 2 men, but before he finish officer try to arrest him. He is upset, then pressure start to rise it knocks down officer and people around.

Jack, Nathan and Audrey go to see him. He tells him about the troubles, but they can’t get near him. They have to leave him there, they try to get Duke but he won’t pickup.

Jennifer comes to last house that suppose to be her parents, she spot the horseshoe crab again. But when she come down it’s gone.

Aiden’s status is worse and worst, he just break he church generator. They thinks if hospital’s generator is gone they will lost the power. Jack tells them they need Duke to kill him to stop it.

Jack found Duke and wants him to kill him, but he is upset and punch Nathan. They found that his trouble is gone. He doesn’t say anything but leave.

Nathan thinks that she should kill him to stop this, then Duke shows up with deep sea suit. But on the way his suit is leaks, Duke needs to get him out. Audrey walks to see him, she tells her the scuba’s technique to calm down.

Duke tells Nathan about Wade, he said sorry about what he said. Duke goes back and found Jennifer they make love, Nathan tell Audrey that she should kill him to stop all this trouble. He convinces her.

Jennifer tells Duke that her family already moved, she gets back old stuff from new owner. Dave and Vinces come tell them about explorer journal, inside it says about how should not open the door that Lexie and her opened.

They tell them the evil will comes with open door, which it comes in shape of horseshoe crab form but they never see it. Jennifer tells them that she sees it, they try to contact Audrey and Nathan but they can’t.

They go to see them at Audrey’s room, they found in explorer’s book that if they killed Nathan to get rid Trouble the will doom.

Then they hear the gunshot from her room, while they ask Duke why he call Lexie “Audrey”