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Grimm Season 3 Episode 14 Mommy Dearest

Adalind is going to give birth, Sean’s man is help her. After she give birth, her power is back.

At night a family with wife pregnant, her husband need to rush out to get something for her. She is alone at house, something is outside her house it kill her baby. It get inside and try to eat her baby. She try to cut its tongue, her neighbor hear her scream and comes in. It left.

Polices near by rush to her house, they send her to hospital. Nick and Hank comes to her house, they found some mark on tree and wall.

The doctor tell them that victim is safe, the attacker suck some water from her but it’s not danger for now. They question her husband, seem he is clean.

At night her husband call back to his friend, he changed to wesen. Seem he lies something to her, he wants his friend to find her.

Nick and Hank go to see her doctor, he tell them about drug that she get. Then they go to question her about last night, but seem she doesn’t remember much.

Nick and Hank ask about it to Rosalee and Monroe, they go to check their trailer. At day, her husband goes to see his mother. She tell him that usually son will give their first born to Aswang’s mother to make long life. She said she’s going to die if he doesn’t help. He doesn’t agree and give her the tickets.

They found Aswang in his book, they found that the attack will be at their relative. They found that her husband’s mother is in Portland.

At night victim back home, her husband’s mother just arrive to her house. She climb up the tree into her house, her husband wake up and found his mother. She knock him down, she get inside her room.

She sedate her to sleep and changing and eating her baby. Nick and Hank come to her house, they see her and shot her died.