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Grimm Season 3 Episode 13 Revelation

Nick punch few hit to his parent, Monroe try to make them stoop. He tell them that Nick is his friend, they are very upset and leave. Monroe also upset, Nick feels sorry and leave.

At night, park ranger found someone make the fire camp. He goes to check around, he meet that man. He turn to wesen, and back of him there is another wesen. They attack him to dead.

They found another body, Nick and Hank go to check his body. His body is scatter around, they found that there are one more killers.

After Monroe knows about this wesen, he call Nick and tell him this is more serious. They should talk, how to get them.

Monroe’s father shows up and try to stop him when he knows what they are against. When Nick come he leaves, Monroe explain him about it.

They plan to find the place to setup, because they will comes to him. But before they left the trailer, they thinks they are there.

They shows up and start to fight, gun seem make no effect to them. They try to cut their hair it may weaken them, but they have not much chance.

But the third one shows up, they are beaten down. But Monroe’s father shows up to help, Nick get chance to cut hair one of them. It works¬†he died, then he and Monroe’s father cut the other.

His father tell them about something, he said if these guy shows up that mean something very bad is coming.