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Grimm Season 3 Episode 12 The Wild Hunt

Tonight a man race is car, patrol police following him for speed. He found his car stop near the bridge, he found him turn and killed him.

Nick and Hank go to see the crime scene, they hope that they have video record about him. They check his video at station, Sean tell them do not engage him without support.

At night a soldier just get off the bus, that man get out his car and following him. They struggled and then he change to wesen and killed him.

Next day Nick and Hank found the dead marine, then polices notice his car near the park. They go to see him, but too bad he notices the police outside.

He throw the owner out of building and take his car, he tell them about guy in that room. They check his  room and found what he did.

Nick and Hank found him in his book, seem he killed for challenge and get power from dead. He collect victim hair to finish his coat, now he is target Nick.

Rosalee and Monroe are engage now, he call his parent about it. Next few days they come to see them, they are so upset after knows she is not blutbaten.

She leave his house the day they arrive, then Nick shows up. When they aware he is Grimm, they attack him. Monroe try to stop them..