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Haven Season 4 Episode 4 Lost and Found

Harper is going to bed, her mother heard the laugh with her friend. She wakes up to play with her friend, at morning her mother found she is missing.

Nathan and Dwight go to check at her house, seems she climb up to vent. They thinks probably she is troubled, but her mother said not.

Jennifer heard the talking between Lexi and William, she takes them to where the barn was.

Dwight call Nathan that 2nd kid is missing, he tells him to goes solve the case. Duke will help Jennifer to listen. They found in security camera that the kid goes to see some kid with teeth.

Nathan arrange the group to search in wood, they found some footprints. Nathan back to station, Vince and Dave tell him bout Douens who kidnapped children.

Now they found the 3rd kid is missing, they now found the connection of 3 kids they are connect to principle. They go to check her house and found a lot of baby stuff in her living room.

Her husband shows up, they ask him about her troubles. He thinks she will get them back safety.

At wood she is playing with them, while Harper is collapse she wants to takes her back. But Douens cast her to continue to play with them. They think she will be at place she most happy, they following her husband.

Jennifer just hear William tell her that there is 2 doors, one Lexi has to open and one they have to open. She start to hear the foghorn, they think if they found forhorn they will find the door.

Duke get his chart, while Audrey is in barn and found where she hear the foghorn and she found the door. Jennifer tell Duke that she open the door.

In wood they found the kids but Doens block them, they realize that her husband actually created them not her. Nathan convinces him to accepted, he did and they are gone.

William convinces Lexi to open the door and jump, he believes that her friend will open the door for her. Jennifer and Duke are at the door, but only her can see it. But she can’t open it, guards shows up.

Lexi now open the door, Jennifer also open it. Now they see the door, Nathan can’t open it. Jennifer thinks she has to.

Dave shows up tell them not to open the door, Jordan stop him. Jennifer open the door, now they see each other. She jump to them.

All of them knock out, they wake up and found Lexi. Nathan gives her the gun, he asks her to kill him to end the troubles. She tell them she is not Audrey, she will not kill someone she doesn’t met before.