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Grimm Season 3 Episode 10 Eyes of the Beholder

Nick tell Juliette about her friend Alicia that she is wesen, she is surprise they try the best to act normal. Joe is watch them from outside the shop.

At night one kid see the group of wesen kill another wesen, he is scare and run off. Nick and Hank go to see the crime scene. A witness found a kid rush out with his car. The waitress get call from that boy Jared, tell him not to talk to any one.

Juliette confront Alicia about it but she won’t accept and walks away. At station they found Jared, they go to check him. Hank found that house belong to his therapist, but she tell them she didn’t goes out.

They found that Jared is her brother, Jared walk in when he found about them. He run off, Nick cache him. They question him about last night, he accept that he takes car and goes to see his girl.

He is so afraid, he doesn’t want to say anymore. Hank try to convince his sister to get him talk, the killer still outside.

They go to see victim’s girl, at first she didn’t want to say. But when she found he’s Grimm she tell them about gang.

Nick and Hank asks Monroe about gang but he doesn’t, but Rosalee knows about gang. Apparently she used to buy drug from them..

At night Jared’s girlfriend is captured by gang, they want to know where is Jared. At night while he call Jared’s sister, the gang barge in her apartment. She takes him and run away, Hank and polices rush there.

At station, they convince Jared to corporate to cache them. He point them the suspect, they will be in safe house.

Hank takes them to safe house and stay with them, in morning when Alicia knows Nick is Grimm. She freak out and try to run outside, Joe barge in and hit him down.

He try to grab Alicia, Juliette try to help her. Both of them beat him down, Nick shows up then Joe see him is Grimm. He is arrested, Alicia turn and show Juliette.

Jared sneak out when he found that his girlfriend is kidnapped. Hank found out that Jared is run off, he ask his sister about the number. She tell him it’s from his girlfriend, they rush to save him.

Nick and Hank go to see them, while Jared turn and knock one of them down.  Nick and Hank killed 2 of them, the other still after Jared. He is saved by his sister who turn and kill him. Hank see all, they try cover for them.