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Haven Season 4 Episode 3 Bad Blood

A city work man get in sewer for maintenance, he heard something behind him. It shows up and kill him.

Nathan and Dwight go to check his body, they found his blood is drained. Dwight get the 2nd call that there is 2nd body.

They found him dead near the sewer manhole, they thinks killer might live in sewer. They plan to seal all manhole in city.

They found the 3rd victim, she is killed in her bathroom. Nathan and Dwight go to check there they found nothing, outside while Dwight talks to Jordan they see red liquid moving to the sewer.

They notices that it comes from same place as a guy Nathan met, and he has bandage on his hand Mike. They go to check him.

At station, Dwight tell Vince and Dave that one of Nathan’s contact found a woman looks like Audrey trap in the ice, he wants them to identify her and bring her back.

William tell Lexi that all the bar and people there is not real, she is upset and leave him be. She try to leave the bar and she found out that she is back at it again.

Jennifer found that after she stop her medicine, she start to hear voices again. She thinks she is gonna crazy again.

Nathan and them go to see Mike, Jordan asks him about his trouble. He tells them about his wife died, then he try to fight but he grab Jordan. He unconscious, Dwight get another call that there is another attack.

Seems it heading to station, they rush back to warn them. In station red blood already in, it attack one of officer.

It try to attack Duke and Jennifer, it comes out and part of it absorb by Duke. Jennifer afraid and get out. Nathan and them takes Mike back.

Now they are surround by it, it looks like it target Nathan. Mike wakes up they tell him about his troubled, he tell them that after his wife died his troubled active. He may cut himself this morning and the blood get in sewer, but he has no idea how to stop it.

They try with teaser, Jordan try with her touch. But none of them works, Duke thinks may be he try to absorb them all.  He almost can’t control himself, he then collapse.

Vince and Dave go to identify the body at morgue, but it’s not Audrey.

Lexi is very confusing, she ask William that is she dead ? He tells her that she is alive but all of this is not real. Lexi tells him that she believes him, then the people in bar disappear.

He said she has to be next. He tells her that this place call barn, and it’s dying. She will to unless she moving fast and get out of it.

All of their words, Jennifer heard them all along. She rush to tell Nathan and Duke about it.