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Grimm Season 3 Episode 9 Red Menace

Alicia one of Juliette’s friend call her about her broke up, she asks her to stay with her. She will comes to Portland.

At bar, Boris the healer has a party at bar. He is attack while in toilet by assassin, but that man can escape. But Boris can put him something from his body to him when he changed. Once he’s back room, he pass out.

Alicia just arrived, Nick just notices that she is wesen. Next day police found a body in freezer, Nick and Hank go to check.

They found the killer steal his dress and wait to kill Boris. But they think Boris takes care of killer but let him escape.

At room, killer is really sick and dying. He call Boris’s wife to sorry her, she change to wesen.

Nick, Sean and Hank go to see Boris. They found he is working on healing, and he turn to wesen. But his healing is works on patient, after he done they ask him about party last night.

Boris tells them about killer, they get not much so they leave. Next day the room maid found the killer sick dead in bathroom.

Nick found out about Boris, seem they are very difficult to killed. Then they get called about killer’s body, they go to check his body. But turn out he ‘s not die yet.

After that they have to shower, because they expose to radiation toxic. Once back to station, Sean tell them about him as assassin.

They question Boris at station, he found out that Nick is Grimm. He tell them that he want to make redemption, next time he won’t fight back anymore.

They go to see killer at hospital, they found that Boris killed his father that why’s he wants revenge. Now they thinks someone close to Boris must try to kill him again.

They rush to his house, But Boris already poison by one of his maid. But he won’t die, she tell him that he just kill her brother too. He try to beg her for forgiveness.

She still stab him, Nick and Sean arrive but he still not die. The maid try to run out but his wife turn and kill her. She is dying, Boris try to rescue her.

His wife try to stop him because he is too weak, but he cure her. She survive but he died.