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Haven Season 4 Episode 2 Survivors

2 kids are playing and broke the statue, but when they touch it they found it’s not statue.

Nathan and Dwight go to check there after call, they think she is burned completed. They found she is Sally, they found that her brother Bill died the same way.

Nathan goes to talks with fire department captain, but he is upset at him his son died in that meteor storm and his daughter just died.

A woman waiting for a cab, once it’s stop she found that driver is burned to dead. Nathan and Dwight found nothing connect to Sally.

Jennifer after leave Duke, she goes to shop for coffee. She goes out and remind that she forget her stuff, she goes back and found all people in shop burned.

Nathan goes to check there, he try to comfort Jennifer and asks her. She notices 5 people in shop but they found only 4 remains. Nathan thinks the trouble person is in fire department.

He takes her to identify him, but their captain is upset to them. Jennifer found the photo of that guy Don, they found that he is with Bill when died. They found that he is going to get medal today, they rush there before he burned whole town.

They are looking for Don, Nathan spot him. He wants to talks with him, Don found him and then after announce for his medal he start to upset and burn him.

He convince him to understand and stop the fire,

William still keep showing to tell Lexi to find real herself, she doesn’t believe him. But 2nd man now comes with the big guy, they takes that guy out while nobody do anything. She is upset and grab the gun and shoot at them.

She tell them to let him goes, they left. He asks her that she still thinks she is a bartender?