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Haven Season 3 Episode 13 Thanks for the Memories

At morning Nathan and Duke found that Audrey is missing, Nathan thinks that Arla should takes her to where Agent Audrey lost her memory.

In the wood while Arla takes Audrey to the bar, she spot Howard. He tell Arla that he left James and bakery shop. She rush there and left Audrey.

They talk together about barn, he tell her that if she not back the meteor will fall until everyone in Haven died. Nathan and Duke arrive, he is gone also the barn.

Audrey said that she needs to find Arla, then they see a meteor hit the town. She said they need to find his son and ask him how to stop this.

They found that Arla and James already left, and they found James is sick. Arla is with James, she tell him that she will not let his mother hurt him.

Duke call Arla about Audrey, he tells her to bring him to barn Audrey can summons the barn. Dwight get Dave out of the trunk where Vince lock him in, he tell him that Dave wants Audrey in barn to stop troubled.

Duke help¬†Arla and James to barn, Audrey and Nathan show up. Arla try to threaten them with gun, Duke tells her that her gun can’t fired.

Audrey found that James is fading, Arla said that has to takes him to barn he will better. Suddenly James get up and get in the barn, Audrey wants to following him.

Nathan decided to go with her, Duke will watch Arla. They get inside they found a huge path way, Nathan can feel. He thinks this barn is center of everything, if they blown it out then they has no problem for her to go.

Then they suddenly moved to outside in 1955, they found Vinces, Dave and Sarah outside the barn. They try to destroy it too but it won’t scratch.

They found that James is Nathan’s son, Howard shows up. He said he shows them Sarah’s memory, Audrey found when Nathan and Sarah make out.

Now they are separate in barn, Nathan meet James he tells him that he is his father. He tell him about Lucy, it seems he has to died to stop this. He tell him that he is knock at his head, Arla tell him that it’s Lucy.

Nathan thinks it not true because Lucy still get in, Audrey shows up James is gone. While Duke outside, the guard show up.

Audrey ask Howard to show her James, he shows up and wants to see Arla. She said ok, she will takes her in.

Vince, Dave and Dwight shows up near barn they want this to end. Vince actually is a boss of the ghost they ask them the go home, Audrey get out and tell Arla James wants to see her.

He see Arla, she tells him that she kill for them. She try to kill Audrey, but James block her and get stabbed. While she struggled with Ardey, she stabbed herself.

James tells her that Lucy said if someone she loved is killed, troubled will end forever. She asks howard why, he tell her that while she is here the barn and her keep troubled from out.

He said there is only 2 ways, one every 27 years and other she has to killed one she loved. Now she wants to go out to say good bye.

Nathan won’t agreed he grab gun and try to stop her, she run in to the barn. He instead shoot at Howard, Jordan shows up and shoot at Nathan. Duke shot her back, the barn and Howard start to explode.

But seem it’s not stop, it sucks Arla and Howard in. Nathan ask Duke to get her back, they all disappear.

Meteor still falling to town.